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  1. HIER - Rayon Belge

    Communication & content design for studio HIER & Rayon Belge. 

  2. Vernna / Guillermina

    Vernna Autumn-Winter 23 Campaign portraying Argentinian filmmaker and actress, Guillermina Pico. Shoot during March 2023 in Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires.
    Thanks to ZOU XOU Shoes.

  3. Beursschouwburg

    Car Free Sunday in Brussels, shoot in 35mm.

  4. Yeba Co.

    Maya & Carmene, Brussels Belgium, 35mm.

  5. Lula Japan

    Fashion photography collaboration with Antwerp-based fashion designer, Florentina Leitner. Portraying my friend Cecilia in Brussels, shootin 35mm. // Featured in Lula Japan

  6. Interiors

    Styling, Scouting & Photography.

  7. Jazmin Chebar / Video

    Video for Jazmin Chebar portraying Argentinian artist Amadeo Azar for C.G team // Edit by Juani Aguilar

  8. Trosman / Video

    Spring-Summer 19 / Video for C.G team 

  9. Cinzano

  10. Vernna / Julieta y Beltrán

    Vernna Winter-Autumn 20 Campaign in Charlottemburg Berlin, 35mm.

  11. Carla Di Sí

    Carla Di Sí is an independent designer based in Buenos Aires. The inspiration behind this collaboration came after visiting her atelier. I was intrigued by her creative process and how glasses are made. I decided to collect some samples of the patterns that she used to create her designs and create a series of still-lifes images.

  12. Cora Groppo

    Valentina for Cora Groppo Spring- Summer 18, 35mm.

  13. Astroromántica Fanzine

    A series of photographs captured during the behind scenes of a film. Following a female astronaut and her machine go through some romantic landscapes.

    Author: Luciana L. Schütz
    Publisher: self-published
    Pages: 24
    Size: 30.5 x 21 cm
    Weight: 92 g
    Binding: Softcover

    Available in Motto Berlin, STET Lisbon and TPG in the UK.
  14. Raw Landscapes

    Tolar Grande is six blocks length village located in the middle of the Puna de Atacama desert, a vast and uninhabited desert that many scientists compare with Mars. Is 357 km away from the city of Salta and 170 km from Chile`s borders of Socompa. Through this project, I wanted to illustrate the ways in which we inhabit this world. Exhibited at “Contextualise” archieve by Der Greif at Pinakothek der Moderne, Pavilion 333 (Munich, Germany) and featured at iGNANT online-magazine.

  15. Vernna Jewelry

    Isabella & Barbara at Cuervo Café, Spring-Summer 20, 35mm.

  16. Vernna / Afrida

    Daiana Provenzano for Vernna Spring-Summer 18, 35mm.

  17. Trosman

    Autumn-Winter 2019 / B side for C.G team

  18. Vernna / Síbila

    Síbila for Vernna Autumn-Winter 17,  35mm.

  19. Future Positive

    Barbara & Lucía Vernengo  / Interview

  20. Jean Paul Gaultier

    Backstage for C.G Team