Luciana L. Schütz ©

Built with

  1. Furniture

    Art direction and photography for Unit 14, Antwerp Belgium.

  2. Carla Di Sí

    Carla Di Sí is an independent designer based in Buenos Aires. The inspiration behind this collaboration came after visiting her atelier. I was intrigued by her creative process and how glasses are made. I decided to collect some samples of the patterns that she used to create her designs and create a series of still-lifes images.

  3. Vernna Estate

    Isabella & Barbara at Cuervo Café, Vernna Spring-Summer 20, 35mm.

  4. Vernna / Julieta y Beltrán

    Vernna Winter-Autumn 20 Campaign in Charlottemburg Berlin, 35mm.

  5. Cora Groppo

    Valentina for Cora Groppo Spring- Summer 18, 35mm.

  6. Future Positive

    Barbara & Lucía Vernengo  / Interview

  7. Trosman video

    Spring-Summer 19 / Video for C.G team 

  8. Jazmin Chebar

    Camera work for CG. Team / Video for Jazmin Chebar potraying argentinian artist Amadeo Azar  edited by Juan Ignacio Aguilar.

  9. Cinzano

  10. Jean Paul Gaultier

    Backstage for C.G Team

  11. Trosman

    Autumn-Winter 2019 / B side for C.G team

  12. E. Bomparola

    Autumn-Winter 18 / B side for C.G team 

  13. Sunstar Japan

    Commissioned project for Sunstar Japan, Advertisement 2018, 35mm.

  14. Patagonia Landscapes

    Raw Light and Landscapes . Online publication at iGNANT 

  15. Vernna / Síbila

    Síbila for Vernna Autumn-Winter 17,  35mm.

  16. Vernna / Afrida

    Daiana Provenzano for Vernna Spring-Summer 18, 35mm.

  17. Astroromántica Fanzine

    A series of photographs captured during the behind scenes of a film, following a female astronaut and her machine go through some romantic landscapes.

    Printed in: January 2019 / Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Pages: 24
    Size: 30.5 x 21 cm
    Weight: 92 g
    Binding: Softcover

    Available at: Motto Berlin - STET Lisbon

  18. Vernna / Cría

    Vernna Autumn-Winter 18,  35mm.

  19. Vernna Jewelry / Lookbook

    Vernna Lookbook Summer-Spring 2018 & Jewelry collection nº 1.

  20. Vernna video

    María for Vernna Autumn-Winter 17. Directed by Luciana Lopez Schütz & Pilar Condomí