Luciana L. Schütz ©

Built with

  1. Yeba Co.

    Maya & Carmene, Brussels Belgium, 35mm.

  2. Carla Di Sí

    Carla Di Sí is an independent designer based in Buenos Aires. The inspiration behind this collaboration came after visiting her atelier. I was intrigued by her creative process and how glasses are made. I decided to collect some samples of the patterns that she used to create her designs and create a series of still-lifes images.

  3. Furniture

    Styling, Scouting & Photography for Unit 14, Belgium // Pinterest

  4. Future Positive

    Barbara & Lucía Vernengo  / Interview

  5. Cora Groppo

    Valentina for Cora Groppo Spring- Summer 18, 35mm.

  6. Vernna / Julieta y Beltrán

    Vernna Winter-Autumn 20 Campaign in Charlottemburg Berlin, 35mm.

  7. Jazmin Chebar

    Camera work for CG. Team / Video for Jazmin Chebar portraying Argentinian artist Amadeo Azar edited by Juan Ignacio Aguilar.

  8. Trosman video

    Spring-Summer 19 / Video for C.G team 

  9. Cinzano

  10. Vernna Jewelry

    Isabella & Barbara at Cuervo Café, Spring-Summer 20, 35mm.

  11. Trosman

    Autumn-Winter 2019 / B side for C.G team

  12. Astroromántica Fanzine

    A series of photographs captured during the behind scenes of a film, following a female astronaut and her machine go through some romantic landscapes.

    Printed in: January 2019 / Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Pages: 24
    Size: 30.5 x 21 cm
    Weight: 92 g
    Binding: Softcover

    Available at: Motto Berlin - STET Lisbon

  13. Sunstar Japan

    Commissioned project for Sunstar Japan, Advertisement 2018, 35mm.

  14. Patagonia Landscapes

    Raw Light and Landscapes // online publication at iGNANT 

  15. Vernna / Síbila

    Síbila for Vernna Autumn-Winter 17,  35mm.

  16. Vernna / Afrida

    Daiana Provenzano for Vernna Spring-Summer 18, 35mm.

  17. Lula Japan

    「Encounter=出逢い。」El color del aire // Journal 




  18. E. Bomparola

    Autumn-Winter 19 / B side for C.G team 

  19. Jean Paul Gaultier

    Backstage for C.G Team

  20. Vernna / Cría

    Vernna Autumn-Winter 18,  35mm.

  21. Interiors

    Styling, Scouting & Photography for Unit 14, Belgium // Pinterest