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  1. The Argentinian Neighbour (2022) Video Installation 
    Direction & Camera by Luciana Lopez Schütz, Voice over by Stephanie Icawat
    A voice describes the relationship between two neighbours and the encounter with a mysterious woman that will reveal an augury about future times.  
    Premiered at | RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES PARIS-BERLIN 2022 at Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles Paris, France & Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

  2. Los Durmientes (2021) Short Film
    Direction, Camera & Editing by Luciana Lopez Schütz
    Commissioned project for A.F Studio Berlin portraying the Museum of Natural Science of Buenos Aires.
    Screened at Berlin Foward Festival for creativity, design and communication / Kino Babylon.

  3. Direction, Camera & DoP Sample
    Music by The Orb

  4. My aunt Susana never got married (2020) Documentary Short
    Direction, Camera & Editing by Luciana Lopez Schütz
    While a tarot session is taking place, Luciana discovered some interesting details about the life of her favorite aunt.
    FIDBA 2020 / Competencia Argentina de Cortometrajes

  5. Inventario, Aleatorio, Muestrario (2016) Short Film
    Direction, Camera & DoP by Luciana Lopez Schütz & Pilar Condomí
    Three young friends suffer a hypnotizing experience in a sports center
    BAFICI 16 / Cortos Grolsh
    Berlinale Talents BA 2018