L. Schütz

  1. REEL: Direction, Camera & DoP Sample
    Music by The Orb

  2. TRAILER: Hermanas Hoshino & Familia De Jesus from Luciana L. Schütz on Vimeo

    Documentary Short Film (2018) Direction, Camera & Editing

    Oscillating between documentary and fiction, two immigrant families are portrayed through their respective hair salons.

    BAFICI 20 / Competencia Argentina de Cortometrajes

    Clermont Ferrand media library

  3. TEASER: Inventario, Aleatorio, Muestrario. from Luciana L. Schütz on Vimeo.

    Short Film (2016) Co-direction, Camera & DoP with Pilar Condomí.

    Three young friends suffer a hypnotizing experience in a sports center.

    BAFICI 16 / Cortos Grolsh

    Berlinale Talents BA  2018

  4. Durmientes Short Film (2019) Direction, Camera & Editing

    A series of random portraits in the Museum of Natural Sciences of Buenos Aires minutes away from the Lunar Eclipse of January 21.



  5. Vernna

    Realización por Luciana L. Schütz & Pilar Condomí

    Ella: María Petracchi 

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